Overstated Risk Leads to 80 years Oaks in Peril | Council Plans to Fell ~90 Trees














Tim Whittaker photo Keirunga Oaks Autumn 2018


P Turley Talking Point for Hawke’s Bay Today:

Hawke’s Bay Today | 26 Jan 19 | Overstated risk leads to 80-year-old oaks in peril
Turley & Co press – NZH.



“Hastings District Council’s proposed destruction of a Havelock North woodland by removing young oak trees, in the name of risk mitigation, is a shocker

Hastings District Council’s draft plan for Keirunga provides detail on the recommended removal, replacement and future management of the woodland known as the Arthur’s Path Gully. The proposal is to remove around 40 oaks and 50 other trees. Many of the trees were planted by George Nelson in the 1930’s. He gifted the land to the community …

Submissions to Council on the Keirunga oaks’ fate are now set to close 15 March. In the meantime, Council has commissioned an independent arborist’s report …”

More trees assessment information will be useful.  By all means get in touch with Pat Turley – 021 33 33 93 or pat@turley.co.nz


HDC Keirunga Gardens Draft Tree Management Plan | November 2018 



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