The Value of Urban Trees by Turley & Co | BayBuzz Magazine | Jun 19

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In terms of human benefits, increasing evidence indicates that trees considerably improve our mood, sociability, well-being and health. Trees are shown to help reduce stress, improve our attention capacity and assist illness recovery.

An article on human health effects in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2013) said there was a “convincingly strong” connection between 100 million Michigan trees decimated by an invasive beetle, and the coinciding increase of heart disease and pneumonia for populations nearby …

University of Washington research indicates larger trees on residential properties, as well as street trees, can add 3-15% to market values. Homes adjacent to “naturalistic parks and open spaces” transact at 8-20% greater market value than homes not near trees.

The Standard Tree Evaluation Method uses an assessment score and considers costs to buy and plant trees, as well as maintenance costs and tree age. The STEM valuation, in one example, assesses $9,000 for a Hastings single amenity tree 25 years of age.

The STEM and Melbourne valuation methods would determine the collective value of the Keirunga woodland trees of at least $2,000,000 if not $5,000,000, or possibly greater …