Keirunga Oaks Update + 10 Year Reserve Management Plan

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HDC Reserve Management Plan Update 30 July 20

Hastings District Council on 30 July advised over 200 surveys and feedback received:


Scott Design Keirunga Hilltop Pergola Proposal

Jacob and Hana Scott for Scott Design have proposed an architect designed pergola for the Keirunga hilltop:


Keirunga Oaks Update 17 July 20 + HDC Reserve Management Plan

Pat Turley in January 2019 initiated a successful Save the Keirunga Oaks campaign that was well-supported by Turley & Co colleagues and core team: David Cranwell, Johno Ormond and Jeff Whittaker – plus many others including 33 financial donors.

Hastings District Council had proposed to fell 40 heritage oaks 80 years old now believed to be ~120 years old.  Council proposed felling 89 trees at Keirunga.  Of 210 submissions, 92.3% (194 people) wanted to maintain a nationally unique oak dominated woodland.

At the conclusion of the 30 May 2019 hearing HDC Councillors, led by Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst unanimously resolved: That Council adopts Option 4 and agrees to commence the formulation of a new community led Tree Management Plan that addresses the outcomes sought from the majority of submitters.

HDC recently activated a Reserve Management Plan consultation process for Keirunga: The online survey and submissions.

The Keirunga Steering Group’s submissions authored by David Cranwell and Johno Ormond for the collective:

If you support the submissions please let HDC know: HDC online portal for Keirunga.  A brief statement confirming you support the Keirunga submissions by David Cranwell and Johno Ormond would be suitable.  Or you could prepare a unique submission.


Johno Ormond Steering Group Update | 16 July 2020

Johno and David’s submissions are informed by 14 months of further Keirunga volunteer work and working with HDC people.  Johno Ormond followed Pat Turley as a leader for Keirunga and provided 16 July:

It has been a long but successful year of community group meetings, working with HDC staff, and communicating with HDC Councillors.

The culmination of that year’s work is the collective’s submission 17 July 2020.  If you are interested in the future of Keirunga please read the submission and endorse it, by making a submission to HDC and stating your support.

The submission is the product of ideas and insight of the community “Steering Group” and Council Staff. The community Governance group is open to all members of the public.  We were lucky enough to get experienced experts on board in the fields of arboriculture, horticulture, botany, garden and landscape designers, among others.  The community group was 17 strong, with around 12 active participants.

Huge thought and effort was put into the collective’s RMP submission.  I attended 25+ meetings over 14 months including 1 in the council chambers (with Pat Turley, David Cranwell and Jeff Whittaker, as the 14 months was not without its battles).  Most of the meetings included HDC staff, who had great ideas.  The Steering Group was a huge collegial team, all with lots of input which was negotiated amicably.  Many iterations of reports were developed by me as we tried to clearly express the intent of the collective.

Thank you for your interest in and support for this community asset.  If you can support our submission, you will help us have some influence over the outcomes of the RMP process for Keirunga, which will run from now through to the end of the year.

Johno Ormond – Leader of the Keirunga Steering Group

NZH | HBT | 8 June 20 | No tree chopping, but what should we do with Keirunga Gardens?




Save the Keirunga Oaks Campaign Press 2019













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