Going Easier On The Planet

We are conscious of inseparable environmental and economic sustainability.

Since 2004 we have migrated Turley & Co to e-document and e-filing practices in favour of printing and transporting paper. This is about having a better business and also doing our small part to conserve resources.

For ten years or more many Turley & Co client relationships are 100% digital – paper is never exchanged including e-payment.


Turley & Co has since 2006 been a permanent supporter of the Maraetotara River restoration project. Refer to Public Communities and Maraetotara Tree Trust (MTT).

Our firm has since 2006 funded through MTT the propagation of over 1,600 native trees and shrubs.

Our offices have been designed with good natural light, cross-flow ventilation, good insulation, modest heating and cooling needs, low-energy use electric lighting and equipment.

The Turley family on the Turley & Co offices site land has planted and nurtures over 300 exotic and native trees including 0.5 hectares (1.2 acres) of permanently reserved land as a long-term wildlife reserve and corridor.

The balance of the land is farmed sustainably and is not over-cropped (unlike some Heretaunga Plains land).

Turley directors commute to work on foot and own a low-emissions fuel-efficient family car.

Join with tens-of-millions of others in positive environmental change.

Please consider supporting MTT personally or as a corporate sponsor – a proven environmental project 2002-22 with a 100-1,000 year vision that is clear and real.

Maraetotara River mouth Te Awanga and Hawke Bay to Cape Kidnappers.