Terms of Trade

Contact Turley & Co Limited (TCL) for commercial and professional terms, and charge rates.  Email Terms including disclaimer notices apply.

Requests for service or advisory actioned by TCL, forms a services contract under following details unless substituted in writing by unique services agreement.

All work undertaken by Turley & Co for a client/ external party/s are subject to standing professional charge rates and disbursements recovery.  Charge rates are available on request.

Turley & Co work/ services are subject to the company’s standing commercial and professional terms and disclaimers, unless substituted by unique services agreement.

Invoice queries expiry is 7 days from invoice transmission.  Invoice queries time occupied is potentially billable.  Unbilled attendances and rebates are provisional until project/s close and unbilled services may be billed at the discretion of TCL.

Clients are liable for client cancelled or suspended services costs for TCL staff time occupied at usual charge rates plus 25% of the incomplete services value of the project and in any event minimum charge $500 plus GST.

Turley & Co debtors are responsible for TCL staff time occupied at usual charge rates, external collection agency and Court costs for debt collection actions by TCL for invoices unpaid after 30 days.

Turley & Co Ltd (TCL) standing terms of engagement and professional services disclaimers and limitations are available on request.

Turley & Co communications are CONFIDENTIAL and may contain privileged and/ or copyright material.  All rights reserved under the Copyright Act 1994.