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Turley & Co people are community centric.  We love Hawke’s Bay and the East Coast.  At least two dozen times over 20 years, our people have stepped-up for community good projects as volunteers or activists, sometimes leading.

Pat Turley is volunteer trustee and board member for Cranford Hospice Trust and Maraetōtara Tree Trust river restoration.

Nikki Whelpton is a supporter of Central Hawke’s Bay athletics.  Wayne Smith is a perennial stalwart of athletics giving substantial time to coaching the next generation of elite athletes.  Sue Turley is a Hawke’s Bay Orienteering Club committee member and the HB schools’ volunteer coordinator for HBOC.

Maraetōtara River Restoration –  Original Sponsor since 2006

Pat Turley for 35 years has wanted farmland waterways reserved.  Turley & Co in 2006 became Maraetōtara River restoration original sponsor.  Pat is a Maraetōtara Tree Trust volunteer trustee and board member since 2009, and Chair 2014-20.  Team Turley & Co are ongoing Maraetōtara River restoration sponsors and volunteers for 16 years.

Maraetōtara Tree Trust is well-governed by a volunteer board and has no paid staff.  MTT for 20-years has continuously led Maraetōtara River restoration success.  The trust has planted about 43 kms of 86 kms both sides with some 150,000 native trees and shrubs.  Read more.

Maraetōtara River restoration drone video clip 1 min 11 sec.

Cranford Hospice Trust Board Member | New Hospice Building Executive Chair

Turley & Co was originally a hospice donor in 2005. Turley & Co cofounder Pat Turley in 2018 joined the Cranford Hospice Trust board.  The trust works alongside the Cranford Hospice Foundation.

Cranford Hospice needs to fundraise at least $3.2m every year from the Hawke’s Bay community.  Please support Cranford Hospice as a donor or volunteer.

Pat Turley since late 2021 is leading the plus $15m new build Building Executive as volunteer chair.  The team and Turley family are delivering and supporting pro-bono professional work for Cranford Hospice.  See news Cranford Hospice brand new $15m home assisted by Turley & Co.








Chesterhope new hospice gifted land 5.8 hectares 

Stand-up for the Keirunga Oaks Campaign

Pat Turley following his Hawke’s Bay Today opinion piece in January 2019, led the Stand-up for The Keirunga Oaks Campaign that raised $9,000 donated by 33 people.  The campaign’s petition attracted 5,579 signatures in support. 

The Stand-up for the Keirunga Oaks campaign to preserve 40 oaks 120 years old led to the formation of a Reserve Management Plan by Hastings District Council.  The RMP in Reserves Act law locks in a 10 years plan for the Keirunga parkland appellation.  Refer to April 2021 Turley & Co news.

Mayor Hazlehurst and her Hastings District Councillors ultimately unanimously voted against destroying 89 trees including 40 heritage oaks 120 years old – LinkedIn and Facebook:

Bay Buzz Magazine volunteer articles by Turley & Co The Value of Trees and the The Value of Urban Trees.

The New Zealand Tree Register Hawke’s Bay Sponsor 

Turley & Co is the Hawke’s Bay sponsor of The New Zealand Tree Register.

The tree resister and The Notable Tree Trust are led by professional arborist Brad Cadwallader of Nelson.  He is a heritage trees preservation leader in NZ – a leading light volunteer.

1,531 Christchurch City Heritage Trees Protected

In 2016 and working half pro-bono, Pat Turley acted as land economy and valuer expert witness for a volunteers’ collective campaign including Christchurch Civic Trust, The NZ Notable Trees Trust and Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture.

Turley & Co’s community collective valuation effects rebuttal evidence helped persuade an Independent Hearing Panel to reverse Christchurch City’s decision to delist 1,531 protected urban heritage trees.  789 private land and 742 public land Christchurch urban trees were returned to the schedule of significant trees.

Christchurch City heritage trees successful campaign key volunteers and leaders included Nelson-based NZ leading professional arborist Brad Cadwallader and campaigner Helen Lowe – it was Brad who seconded Turley & Co.

Hastings’ CBD Renaissance and Revival

Turley & Co in May 2018 was one of only two Long-term Plan submitters on the Hastings’ CBD, and the only substantial submitter.  Pat Turley presented to Mayor Hazlehurst and her Councillors.  He participated pro-bono in HDC workshops and provided property insight.  It led to specialist consultants being engaged and a CBD master vibrancy plan being developed.  HDC is progressing its revitalisation plan and executing a strategy that includes CBD land acquisitions.

Team Turley & Co in December 2018 as a volunteer writer authored a CBDs Are Social Centres article for BayBuzz Magazine.

BayBuzz Magazine Volunteer Writer

Since mid-2018 Pat Turley assisted by Team Turley & Co colleagues is a BayBuzz Magazine volunteer writer on Hawke’s Bay property, environmental and social topics, authoring 7 articles so far.  Refer to page Articles.

Hawke’s Bay Orienteering Club

Turley & Co cofounder Sue Turley has since 2019 been a Hawke’s Bay Orienteering Club committee member and is the Hawke’s Bay Schools orienteering volunteer coordinator.  Sue led organisation of the HB Schools Championships in 2020 and assisted planning and event management for the NZ Nationals in Hawke’s Bay, and other NZ orienteering events as a volunteer.

The Turley family is involved in the club and they volunteer alongside Sue Turley.

Potts Classic Athletics Sponsor

Turley & Co since 2019 is a sponsor of the international competitors Allan & Sylvia Potts Classic Athletics Meeting in Hawke’s Bay organised by Richard Potts and a team of volunteers.

Turley family members volunteer on the day.  Refer to January 2022 Turley & Co news.

2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 meetings photos:

Other Community Activity

Turley & Co people and their families are regularly involved in Hawke’s Bay community activities and sports as volunteer workers or activists, and sometimes leading.  And occasionally elsewhere including helping to preserve 1,531 Christchurch City urban heritage trees, some over 100 years old.

Our people and firm for 24 years has continuously supported charities and volunteer trusts, and is an events sponsor.  Team Turley & Co will continue this as a key part of who we are.

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