Turley & Co Offices Near Havelock North
116 Te Mata Mangateretere Road
Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay, NZ

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We are situated 5 kms from Havelock North, Hastings and Clive – 1.16kms from the Lawn Road roundabout on the right.

Turley & Co has no roadside signage.  Our driveway is limestone beside a green rural mailbox and a woodlot of mature specimen trees.  Our roadfront has a row of tall pointy yellow Cyprus conifers.

Turley & Co offices are building 2 past building 1 a house.  Parking is behind the offices with office entry on the driveway side.

Contact us (06) 650 3569 office or (021) 33 33 93 Pat Turley.

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