Crown Property Services©

“Crown property has a special set of rules and statutory property requirements.  Turley & Co has been a LINZ Accredited provider to the Crown for property work nationally since 1998.  We are Government property nuances well-experienced and expert.  Turley & Co is a well-established Crown agencies preferred provider.”

Crown property practice is knowledge and qualifications specialised.  Turley & Co in 1998 was one of the very first firms to become LINZ Accredited for Crown statutory property work.


Our property assistance to Government agencies provincially and Wellington based includes tasks and advisory for property located all over New Zealand.

We have as principal property advisor led Crown land acquisitions and disposals since 1998 of plus NZD$300M.

Our firm covers large and small Crown property tasks and advisory, and works nationally as a project manager across the Crown property layers:

Strategic  |  Market  |  Technical  |  Statutory |  LINZ Accredited ©

Hawke’s Bay based and nationally peer-networked Turley & Co maintains a modest operating costs model.  This enables cost-effective services delivery anywhere in New Zealand by a longstanding team of senior practitionersRefer to Our People.


The nature of our Crown property work means that the travel costs requirement is usually minimal.  Hawke’s Bay Airport is well-connected to the rest of New Zealand or we drive.

Our starting point is insightful understanding of Crown organisation aims and challenges, resources and related property goals: most often problems resolution or property outcomes optimisation.

We craft work specifications according to a property project’s uniqueness and the capacities, skills and knowledge of our clients’ people.

Our project services include project support (teamwork) or management (leadership) for property owned or leased across all categories single asset or portfolios up and down New Zealand.

We combine as needed with established professional partners including subcontractor public land lawyers, valuers, engineers, architects, surveyors, planners and other specialists.

Turley & Co services profiled under Strategy & Project comprehensively apply to Crown client property projects across New Zealand.

Contact Our People for fuller details of our specialised sector-specific offering and Crown property projects experience.

The LINZ Accredited website records our formal Crown statutory property work credentials.

Turley & Co offers a well-evidenced track record and clients referee list for Crown Property Services.

Contact Our People today for a meeting with a senior practitioner and customised services offer.


Crown Property Team

Wayne Smith has over 40 years of Crown property experience including as LINZ Team Leader in Wellington and Napier before joining Turley & Co in 1998.  There are few people who offer the same depth of Government property experience or LINZ Accredited qualifications breadth to Her Majesty.

Pat Turley has over 15 years’ experience leading Crown property projects including as a LINZ Accredited provider since 1998 and a regular property strategy advisor to the Crown (Registered Property Consultant, Registered Valuer).  Pat and colleague Wayne Smith partner in all central Government property projects by Turley & Co.

The combined Crown and public land property knowledge and skills offering of Turley & Co is possibly unequalled outside of New Zealand major centres.

Our Qualifications offering is comprehensive and deeper than most.

We deploy senior very well-experienced and fully-qualified property practitioners to lead client assignments and not graduate or intermediate staff.